"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

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St. Agnes

St. Agnes Born: 291 AD in Rome Martyred: 304 AD in Rome Canonized: 4th-5th Century AD Feast Day: January 21st  Patronage: Virgins, Chastity, Betrothed Couples, The Girl Guides, Gardeners Near the renowned Piazza Navona in the heart of ancient Rome is the magnificent Church of Sant’Angese in Agone (St. Agnes in Agony). The construction of… Read More ›

Pondering Mary’s Perpetual Virginity

I still remember the moment when I first “heard” the Church’s teaching on Mary’s perpetual virginity. I was at Mass one day, and we were praying the Confiteor, the prayer that begins with the words “I confess.” Perhaps you are also familiar with it: “I confess to almighty God and to you, my brothers and… Read More ›

St. Kateri Tekakwitha – Lily of the Mohawks

Born: 1656 in Ossernenon, Iroquois Confederacy (present day Auriesville, New York) Died: April 17, 1680 in Kahnawake (near Montréal), Québec, Canada. Canonized: October 21, 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI Feast Day: April 17th Patronage: Ecologists, ecology, environment, environmentalism, environmentalists, loss of parents, people in exile, people ridiculed for their piety, Native Americans. Attributes: Lily (symbol… Read More ›

Celebrating the Life of St. Catherine of Siena – April 29

Before setting out to write this article, I knew very little about St. Catherine of Siena.  Even after reading several accounts of her life, I was no closer to feeling a connection to her.  If anything, I felt more estranged.  Yet I knew that she must have a pretty important place in Catholic history to… Read More ›