"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

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St. Albert the Great (by Fr. Cristino Bouvette)

Born: 1205 or 1206 Died: 1280 Beatified: 1622 Canonized: 1931 Feast: 15 November Patron: Scientists I was privileged to be part of a group of pilgrims who attended World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany, in 2005. It was a remarkable experience, primarily because it was the first WYD with the newly elected Pope Benedict XVI who was… Read More ›

“Lawgivers or Lawmakers?” – Talk by Fr. Cristino

Especially in a parliamentary democracy, we speak interchangeably about our elected officials as being “lawmakers”, almost as if a property of their being is to generate a statute from nothing. However, it is this mistaken notion of the origin of law which leads to the many manifestations of the betrayal of law in modern society…. Read More ›

“A Prophet of Humility and Divine Wisdom” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

4th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Dt 18:15-20; 1 Cor 7:32-35; Mk 1:21-28) “A Prophet of Humility and Divine Wisdom”  PDF Version Homily for the 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year B (2018): Dt 18:15-20; 1 Cor 7:32-35; Mk 1:21-28 Since the time of Moses, God had sent numerous prophets to His people. Prophets like Elijah… Read More ›

“Spiritual But Not Religious, You Say? Impossible.” – Talk by Fr. Cristino

There is an ever expanding demographic of modern, Western society that styles itself as spiritual, but not religious. In this talk delivered to the St. Michael’s DMC Young Adults Group, Fr. Cristino explores the history of religion and how, with a proper understanding of what religion entails, the claim of being strictly ‘spiritual’ while adhering to… Read More ›

The Holy Guardian Angels

The Holy Guardian Angels Born: The Dawn of Creation Died: N/A Patronage: Humanity Establishment of Feast Day: In 1607 by Pope Paul V. Their feast is currently celebrated on October 2nd.   Among the first prayers I learned as a young child was the prayer to my Guardian Angel. Like many children, I had a… Read More ›

“Moral Theology & Catholic Decision Making: Week 6” – Course by Fr. Cristino

Having covered the fundamental principles of the previous five weeks, we can now bring them all together in this session covering the concrete, nuts and bolts of what has guided Catholic decision making for centuries. In a culture permeated- often ignorantly- of gravely evil methods of decision making, it is imperative that Catholics receive a… Read More ›

“Moral Theology & Catholic Decision Making: Week 5” – Course by Fr. Cristino

People are generally familiar with the concept of being virtuous but this is frequently taken to be more of an adjective for “nice people” as opposed to an ethical theory. In this session, Fr. Cristino examines how, down the ages, from the Greek Philosophers to today, seeing the pursuit of virtue as a form of… Read More ›

“Moral Theology & Catholic Decision Making: Week 4” – Course by Fr. Cristino

The much beloved figure of the childhoods of so many, Jiminy Cricket, played a starring role in the Disney Classic, Pinocchio- not for being a particularly cute cricket- but rather, a conscientious guide. The role of our conscience in moral decision making is indispensable but one which, with the help of the Church, revelation and law, must… Read More ›

“Moral Theology & Catholic Decision Making: Week 3” – Course by Fr. Cristino

Having laid the groundwork of Catholic moral principles being the teaching authority of the Church which is at the service of fostering our friendship with Christ, we can now turn our attention to four key concepts which govern morality. The first and broadest of these four is the reality of ‘LAW’; what it is, where… Read More ›

“Homilies On The Holy Mass, Part XI: The Reception of Holy Communion” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe “Homilies On The Holy Mass, Part XI: The Reception of Holy Communion”  PDF Version