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“Blessed Woman, Fruit and Womb” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

4th Sunday of Advent (Lk 1:39-45) “Blessed Woman, Fruit and Womb”  PDF Version Homily for the 4th Sunday of Advent, Year C (2018): Lk 1:39-45 It would likely be near to impossible to count just how many times the Hail Mary prayer has been uttered since it was first composed through the archangel’s salutation of “Hail… Read More ›

“Loaves and Fish, Ever Ancient, Ever New” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

17th Sunday of Ordinary Time “Loaves and Fish, Ever Ancient, Ever New”  PDF Version Homily for the 17thSunday of OT, Year B (2018): 2 Kgs 4:42-44; Jn 6:1-15 Since the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council, every Sunday liturgy will present us with four readings from the Scriptures, typically a first reading from the… Read More ›

“Miserando Atque Eligendo” – Homily by Fr. Cristino

This homily was delivered at St. Luke’s Parish, Calgary, on the occasion of their “Priest Appreciation Weekend”. Second Sunday of Easter – Divine Mercy Sunday – (Jn. 20: 19-31) “Miserando Atque Eligendo” PDF Version

“Unjustly Labelled Lepers” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

6th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Lv: 13:1-2,44-46; Mk 1:40-45) “Unjustly Labelled Lepers”  PDF Version Homily for the 6th Sunday of OT, Year B (2018): Lv: 13:1-2,44-46; Mk 1:40-45 To be a leper in Ancient Israel meant to endure a life of forced isolation and continual ridicule. Leprosy was understood as a punishment from God, on… Read More ›