"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

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Part 5 “Cool-Down: Living the Life of Grace – Staying on Track” – Talk by Sharon van der Sloot

As we come to the final instalment of our ‘Ladies Spiritual Retreat Series’ focused on our ‘Being Fit for the Kingdom’, Sharon reminds us that “we are all “works” in progress. We’re not who we were yesterday, and we’re not yet who we’ll be tomorrow. We must place our trust in God, knowing that He wouldn’t… Read More ›

Selfie or Selfless? Raising the Next Generation

One of the ways that social media has impacted our culture is to place a lot of emphasis on the self. This new term that’s recently come into our lexicon, “selfie,” really says it all. Rather than looking toward others and the vast world in which we live, we’ve turned the camera around, focusing more… Read More ›

What’s the Point of the Pope?

One of the things that I love about being Catholic is the pope.  Not the person of the pope necessarily (though there’s lots to love about Pope Francis!) but the office, the role of the pope in the Church.  For Catholics, he represents the final authority; he is the supreme head.  Within the structure of… Read More ›

September 2, 2012

Today’s Gospel brings to mind that old expression about not seeing the forest for the trees.   As with the Pharisees, many of us tend to focus so much on the little details that we fail to see the bigger picture.  Jesus is all about the big picture!  When He preaches, He distills the myriad of… Read More ›