"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

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“With Eyes Wide Open” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

30th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Jer 31:7-9; Heb 5:1-6; Mk 10:46-52) “With Eyes Wide Open”  PDF Version Homily for the 30th Sunday of OT, Year B (2018): Jer 31:7-9; Heb 5:1-6; Mk 10:46-52 Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of David, was and will continue to be a dangerous man to whom people made dangerous requests! He… Read More ›

“I Forgive Others, But Not Myself” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

24th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Mt 18:21-35)  “I Forgive Others, But Not Myself” PDF Version

St. Alphonsus de Liguori – Doctor of the Church

Born: September 27, 1696 in Marianella, Kingdom of Naples Died: August 1, 1787 in Pagani Italy Canonized: May 26, 1839 by Pope Gregory XVI Proclaimed Doctor of the Church: 1871 Feast Day: August 1st Patronage: Confessors, Moral Theologians, Arthritis, Scrupulosity, Vocations. Attributes: Praying with a Monstrance in his hands, Chaplet, Crucifix   “Nothing else is required than… Read More ›

“You Can Give Me Your Sins” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

11th Sunday of OT (2 Sam 12:7-10,13; Lk 7:36-8:3) “You Can Give Me Your Sins”  PDF Version

“The God of Providence, Not Karma” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

3rd Sunday of Lent (Ex 3:1-8a, 13-15; Lk 13:1-9) “The God of Providence, Not Karma”  PDF Version

Jubilee of Mercy

May the balm of mercy reach everyone, both believers and those far away, as a sign that the Kingdom of God is already present in our midst! – Pope Francis December 8, 2015, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, will mark the beginning of an important year in the life of the Church: the Extraordinary… Read More ›

Spiritual Direction: Training for the Soul

Have you ever wanted to get into better shape? Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of hiking the West Coast Trail or cycling the Icefields Parkway. Or maybe you just want to enjoy the improved health and psychological benefits that come with increased physical fitness. Even if you’re in reasonable shape, the bottom line is that the… Read More ›

In Search of Divine Mercy

In 1935, shortly before the outbreak of World War II, a young Polish nun – who we now know as St. Maria Faustina – received a vision of an angel from God. She described the angel as an “executor of divine wrath”1 who had been sent to strike the earth. St. Maria Faustina began to… Read More ›

“Have you seen her?” Apparitions of Mary – Part I

The convent of the Daughters of Charity at Rue du Bac, 140 in Paris was darkened the night of July 18th, 1830, when suddenly one of the postulants was awakened by a child’s voice. “Sister, Sister, Sister Catherine!” the voice called. The young woman sat up, rubbed her eyes, and pushed aside the net curtain… Read More ›

Part 5 “Cool-Down: Living the Life of Grace – Staying on Track” – Talk by Sharon van der Sloot

As we come to the final instalment of our ‘Ladies Spiritual Retreat Series’ focused on our ‘Being Fit for the Kingdom’, Sharon reminds us that “we are all “works” in progress. We’re not who we were yesterday, and we’re not yet who we’ll be tomorrow. We must place our trust in God, knowing that He wouldn’t… Read More ›