"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

Recommended Studies

Adult Men and Women:

1.  Theology of the Body by Christopher West (DVD Studies)

Part I: An Introduction to the Theology of the Body. An Introduction to the Theology of the Body: Discovering the Master Plan for Your Life is an eight-part, four-hour study designed to give you a solid understanding of God’s plan for humanity. It addresses the two most fundamental and universal questions: What does it mean to be made human, male and female, in the image and likeness of God? How can I live my life in a way that brings happiness and fulfillment? This study is for every “body” who desires to reach his/her full potential in this life. For group or private study.

Part II: Into the HeartInto the Heart is the recommended follow-up to An Introduction to the Theology of the Body. This is a 16-part study that moves you deeper into this life-changing message, enabling you to apply and integrate it into every aspect of your life. Here you will be given the tools to develop the sacramental worldview so crucial to living an authentic human sexuality. You will learn what saints and mystics alike have always known: a life of ecstasy and deep union with God is not only possible – it is actually a lot closer than you think. For group or private study.

2. The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation by Jeff Cavins, Tim Gray, and Sarah Christmyer. This is the foundational study in The Great Adventure Bible Study Series that has helped hundreds of thousands of Catholics learn to read the Bible. The Bible Timeline is a fascinating study that takes participants on a journey through the entire Bible. They will go deep into each period of salvation history and discover the amazing story woven throughout all of Scripture. Using a unique color-coded system, they will learn the major people, places, and events of the Bible and see how they all come together to reveal the remarkable story of our faith. The Bible Timeline has been granted the Imprimatur.

3. The Great Adventure Bible Study Series – Ongoing Bible Studies (DVD Studies)

  • The Prophets: Messengers of God’s Mercy by Thomas Smith and Sarah Christmyer. If we consider that God is the Divine Bridegroom and the Church is his Bride, then the prophets can be seen as “spiritual marriage counselors.” In this study learn how their prophetic words speak to us even today, as they draw us closer to our heavenly Bridegroom, and show us how to share him with others.
  • Exodus: Called to Freedom by Tim Gray. This study looks through the lens of Christ and the Church to show that, more than just seeking to free His people from the domination of Pharaoh, God desired to free His people from the far more sinister tyranny of sin.
  • Psalms: The School of Prayer by Jeff Cavins, Tim Gray, and Sarah Christmyer. With Psalms: The School of Prayer, The Great Adventure moves from telling the Story to making it personal. While the historical books of the Bible recount God’s creative and redemptive acts in history, the Psalms reveal Israel’s response to God’s covenant offer and serve as a model for our response to Him.
  • First Corinthians: The Church and the Christian Community by Tim Gray. This study explores the key elements that the apostle Paul introduced to a new and growing Church. St. Paul taught the Corinthians about the nature of grace and the Church as the Body of Christ. In addition, he introduced the Corinthian Christians to the most powerful gift of all, the Eucharist.
  • Galatians: Set Free to Live by Jeff Cavins and Gayle Somers. Paul’s letter to the Galatians speaks directly to the heart of Christians and addresses the most important question we can ask: “What must we do to be saved?” Galatians is a study that will reignite your love for God as you learn of the astonishing love God has for you.
  • James: Pearls for Wise Living by Jeff Cavins and Sarah Christmyer. This study offers pearls for wise living by applying the wisdom of James to the present. For anyone who has struggled to live a truly Christian life, James offers a wealth of practical solutions for handling and even sanctifying everyday circumstances.
  • Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come by Jeff Cavins and Thomas Smith. This intriguing look at one of the most mysteries books of Scripture shows how the Kingdom established by Christ in His Church is intimately connected with the Kingdom of Heaven, especially through the celebration of the Mass.

4. Catholicism by Bishop Robert Barron (DVD Study – available in English and Spanish). Journey around the world and deep into the Faith. For the first time, in breathtaking, high-definition cinematography, the beauty, goodness and truth of the Catholic Faith are illustrated in a rich, multimedia experience. Journey with acclaimed author, speaker and theologian Bishop Robert Barron to more than 50 locations throughout 15 countries. Be illuminated by the spiritual and artistic treasures of this global culture that claims more than one billion of the earth’s people. From the sacred lands of Israel to the beating heart of Uganda… from the glorious shrines of Italy, France, and Spain, to the streets of Mexico, Kolkata, and New York City, the fullness of CATHOLICISM is revealed. Journey deep into the Faith as you watch each episode. Mike Leonard, a veteran NBC Today Show correspondent and acclaimed filmmaker, is the Executive Producer of this groundbreaking series.

5. Catholicism: The New Evangelization by Bishop Robert Barron (DVD Study). The Catholic Faith is not about myths or legends, symbols or literary devices. It’s about an encounter so overwhelming that you want to tell the whole world. It is an encounter with Jesus Christ. Throughout history the call of Christ has sent people to the corners of the earth with a message of great joy, a message that has built civilizations, inspired cultures and even sent some to prisons and to their graves. We have the same call – that’s the New Evangelization.

This new documentary series from Fr. Barron’s Word On Fire, continues the story of CATHOLICISM and explores the Church’s mission and the challenges of contemporary culture. With the original CATHOLICISM series, Fr. Barron took us on a journey around the world deep into the Faith. Now, experience this Faith in action in CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization.

6. Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained Part I (DVD Study – available in English and Spanish). In the ten episodes of Part 1 of Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained, we journey through the core teachings of the Catholic Church with the goal of knowing the Faith. Join Dr. Edward Sri and his team of experts as they systematically walk through the story of salvation, traced out by the Catechism. Using the Creed as our guide, we move from creation and the fall, to Christ’s redemptive Death and Resurrection, to His founding of the Catholic Church, and His coming at the end of time. Part 1 compellingly and comprehensively presents the foundation and fundamental beliefs of the Catholic Faith.

*NOTE: this study is now available on the new Catholic website, FORMED. FORMED is a digital gateway to some of the best Catholic content, teachers, and presenters. It is accessible anywhere and at anytime on most smartphones, tablets, and computers for catechetical training, study groups or personal growth. Content includes Catholic studies, parish programs, movies, audio presentations, and books.

7. Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained Part II (DVD Study – available in English and Spanish). In the ten episodes of Part 2 of Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained, we continue our walk through the story of salvation and the teachings of the Church, this time exploring the key to fully living the Faith. As we unpack the ways that we encounter God in our lives, we discover the transforming power of God’s grace in the seven sacraments and consider some of the critical moral issues of our day. Ultimately, these ten episodes show us how to live a life worthy of the Gospel.

*NOTE: This study is now available on the new Catholic website, FORMED. (See above.)

8. The Bible and the Virgin Mary (available in English and Spanish; also available as a DVD Study). If ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ, as St. Jerome famously stated, then ignorance of Scripture is also ignorance of Mary. This is because “What the Catholic faith teaches about Mary is based on what it believes about Christ, and what it teaches about Mary illumines in turn its faith in Christ” (CCC 487). Following the interpretive pattern of the authors of Scripture and the Fathers of the Church, The Bible and the Virgin Mary examines the role of Mary in salvation history. Through typology we study her role as the New Eve, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Queen Mother. This study also examines Catholic doctrine with regard to the Blessed Virgin, answering common objections along the way.

 Adult Women – ENDOW Groups:

1. Letter to Women – ENDOW (study guide available in both English and Spanish). This letter, written for the occasion of the 1995 Fourth United Nations Conference on Women, acquaints us with the thought of John Paul II and is a good introduction to the Christian concept of woman and her indispensable role in the Church, the family, society, and the world. Author: Erica Leather, Be.L., Ph.D.(c.)

2. On The Dignity and Vocation of Women (Mulieris Dignitatem) – ENDOW Study Guide. This apostolic letter contains the theological and philosophical underpinnings of Pope Saint John Paul II’s understanding of woman and her vocation. We are invited us to ponder along with the Holy Father, the anthropology of man and woman, God’s intention for their relationship, woman’s vocation to motherhood, and the Church as Bride of Christ. John Paul II offers age old truth with a freshness of thought that explains how “feminine genius” is essential to building a civilization of life and love. Author: Bill Beckman

3. Mother of the Redeemer (Redemptoris Mater) – ENDOW Study Guide. In this 1987 encyclical, John Paul II reminds us that Mary is the greatest saint, and he explains why this is so. John Paul II calls her the “most excellent expression of the feminine genius.” Mary’s ‘yes’ to her role in God’s plan places her at the center of salvation history. This study helps women understand and appreciate the place Mary holds in the Church. As the patroness of Endow, she is the model for all Christian women to love and emulate. Author: Fr. Jorgé Rodriguez, S.T.D.

4. Of Human Life (Humanae Vitae) – ENDOW Study Guide. This is Pope Paul VI’s long-awaited and controversial encyclical, promulgated in 1968, that upholds the Church’s ban on artificial contraception. It speaks of Catholic love and marriage and family life and warns of the dire consequences if Church teaching on this important matter is not taken seriously. This study is important because it addresses an area of Catholic morality that is poorly understood and sadly ignored in many, if not most, Catholic marriages. Author: Steve Weidenkopf

5. God Is Love (Deus Caritas Est) – ENDOW Study Guide. In his first encyclical, God Is Love, promulgated on Christmas Day, 2005, Benedict XVI expounds on the reality of love.  He knows that the word “love” has been distorted and its meaning tarnished – and this letter calls us back to the foundational truths about love. Author: Sharon van der Sloot

6. Edith Stein: Seeker of Truth – ENDOW Study Guide. This study introduces women to one of the twentieth century saints John Paul II canonized during his pontificate. He felt strongly that the world needed the example of holy men and women during these challenging times, and Endow has chosen Edith Stein as one saint in a vast galaxy to highlight. Her story encompasses elements of philosophy (particularly phenomenology, which was a strong interest of John Paul II’s), and theology and offers compelling insights into Jewish life in 1930’s Germany. Author: Dr. Elizabeth A. Mitchell; Contributing Authors: Sr. Prudence Allen, R.S.M., Ph.D. and Terrence C. Wright

7. Setting the World Ablaze: St. Catherine of Siena – ENDOW Study Guide. In her mere 33 years she left such a rich legacy that she is named a Doctor of the Church. She is best known for The Dialogue, a book of meditations and revelations in which she shares intimate conversations with God.  She used her ‘feminine genius’ to address the problems God put before her and her words will ring as true today as when she first exhorted fellow Christians: “Be who you are called to be and you will set the world ablaze!” Authors: Sr. Catherine Joseph Droste, O.P., Madelynn Winstead, Ph.D., and Terry Polakovic

8. On The Christian Meaning of Suffering (Salvifici Doloris) – ENDOW Study Guide. Having familiarized ourselves with the person of John Paul II, his thinking and writings, this apostolic letter invites women to approach the question of why God allows suffering and how we are to understand it and participate in it as a means to our sanctification. This is a difficult question for all people to come to terms with, and this Endow study takes us along with John Paul II as he explores the various ways we experience suffering. Author: Sharon van der Sloot

9. Light to the Nations (Lumen Gentium: The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church) – ENDOW Study Guide. All Catholics speak frequently about the Church, but do we all mean the same thing? This document asks the question, “Church, what do you say for yourself?” and the answers are enlightening. By studying this document on the Church, women will learn what is true and lasting about the Church – that it is more than just a structure or an institution built by men, but rather the “sacrament of salvation” instituted by Christ Himself. Author: Steve Weidenkopf

10. Aquinas for Beginners Part I – ENDOW Study Guide. As its title suggests, this book provides a solid introduction to Aquinas and includes a timeline of famous philosophers throughout history, so readers may see where Aquinas fits in among the greats. Concepts regarding the human person as a union of body and soul, five reasons for the existence of God, and understanding the passions are some of what women will be introduced to in this study. Author: Susan Selner-Wright, Ph.D.

11. Aquinas for Beginners Part II – ENDOW Study Guide. Here we explore what Aquinas has to teach us about the virtues. In Part I we are taught about theory; in Part II we learn about practice. There are many everyday examples to help solidify these concepts so women may consciously live the moral life to which we are called. By learning the names and descriptions of various vices and virtues, women are encouraged to live vibrant Catholic lives with deliberateness and purpose. Author: Susan Selner-Wright, Ph.D.

12. Discover Your Dignity: A Woman’s Journey through Life Part I – ENDOW Study Guide. This study, authored by four Religious Sisters of Mercy (who have been so formational in the Endow apostolate by offering academic as well as spiritual direction) takes women on a journey to see where their actual everyday lives intersect with God’s Divine plan. The story follows the course of a woman’s life from conception through old age and preparation for death, as it uncovers for women the mysterious workings of God in ways that involve the disciplines of biology, philosophy, psychology and theology. Authors: Sr. Lydia Allen, R.S.M., Ph.D., Sr. Prudence Allen, R.S.M., Ph.D., Sr. Moira Debono, R.S.M., S.T.D., and Sr. Marie Paul Lockerd, R.S.M., D.O.

13. Discover Your Dignity: A Woman’s Journey through Life Part II – ENDOW Study Guide. This study completes what was begun in Part I. Each woman is on her own journey and likely will find herself somewhere on the pages of these books. Of all the Endow studies, the Discover Your Dignity series is easy to undertake, is quite basic, and provides much opportunity for women to share with one another about their own life journeys, challenges, sorrows and joys. Authors: Sr. Lydia Allen, R.S.M., Ph.D., Sr. Prudence Allen, R.S.M., Ph.D., Sr. Moira Debono, R.S.M., S.T.D., and Sr. Marie Paul Lockerd, R.S.M., D.O.

Adult Men:

1. That Man is You! (DVD Studies). That Man is You! is an interactive, multimedia men’s program focused upon the development of authentic male leadership. Over the course of three years, That Man is You! successively considers men in their relationship to God, to their spouse and to their children. The program content harmonizes current social and medical science with the teachings of the Church and the wisdom of the saints to develop the vision of man fully alive. It is particularly indebted to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and Pope John Paul II.

That Man is You! is successful at attracting large numbers of men, including younger men still actively parenting, and then transforming their spiritual lives. Indeed, independent research from a Faith Advisor to The Gallup Poll reveals That Man is You! to be one of the most life transforming programs ever studied.

 Year 1: Becoming a Man After God’s Own HeartThe first year of the That Man is You! program, entitled Becoming a Man after God’s own Heart, considers man in his relationship to God.  It is modeled on the life of King David and follows his path from consecration as the King of Israel to serious sin (adultery and accomplice to murder) to repentance and transformation so that he becomes the only man in Scripture to be called “a man after God’s own heart.”

Year 2: A Light to the NationsThe following year of the That Man is You! program, entitled A Light to the Nations, considers man in his relationship to his spouse. Heavily influenced by the thought of Pope John Paul II, A Light to the Nations takes men on a provocative journey into the spiritual reality of our time: “The family has been placed at the heart of the great struggle between good and evil, between life and death and between love and all that is opposed to love” (Pope John Paul II, Letter to Families, #23).  It is modeled on the story of Job from the Old Testament.

Year 3:  The Revelation of the FatherNext in the series of the That Man is You! program is The Revelation of the Father, in which we consider man in his relationship to his children.  It is modeled on the life of St. Joseph, the man chosen to be the foster father of Jesus Christ, God Incarnate.

2. TMIY: The Spirit of Nazareth (DVD Study). Just in time for the Jubilee Year of Mercy announced by Pope Francis this spring, this program will help integrate the 7 Covenants of TMIY into practical implementations for issues men face in today’s world and culture.  In short, this year will be dedicated to “walking the talk” and providing the men the opportunity and framework to build out their very own spiritual plan of life.

In particular, this new year is designed for those wishing to take the next step and to learn how to discern the will of God in their lives.  Steve breaks it down into concrete steps, doable actions, which men can adopt to make progress in their spiritual lives.  “Spiritual formation” is deeper than just learning and more profound than just training.  It allows the participants to understand more fully the life to which God is calling them and to kindle the desire for that life.  It prepares one’s heart for transformation by practicing new skills in the spiritual life and understanding deeply the reasons that those practices were established in our faith.

Young Adults (College Age and up):
Theology of the Body for Young Adults: Freedom to Love by Christopher West (DVD Study). Freedom to Love is a powerful five-part study for young adults. Presented by popular author Christopher West, this series lays out a convincing and refreshing road map to living a life of authentic freedom. The concepts presented in this study will dramatically impact your view of yourself, love, and relationships with those around you. Freedom to Love is ideal for college campus and parish young adult ministries.

 High School Teens (Grades 9 to 12):

1. True Beauty Revealed (ENDOW Study for Young Women) ENDOW GroupsThis eight chapter high school study was created as a foundational introduction into understanding the origin, identity, and mission of authentic womanhood through the eyes of a high school girl. TBR begins by breaking down the societal lies that these young women are constantly bombarded with regarding their dignity and self-worth. It is from this starting point that TBR then leads the young women through an explanation of their feminine genius, their capacity for others. Through study, group discussion, and group dynamic activities – teens are able to equip themselves with convictions to base their lives on, rooted in faith. Through this study and prayer, teens inevitably grow in knowledge and virtue, both of which will help them better love and serve others. Ultimately, the goal of TBR is to draw young women into a deeper, more profound relationship with Jesus Christ, God-made-man who is the author of our precious dignity as women. Author: Mercedes W. Gutierrez

2. YOU: Life, Love and the Theology of the Body for Teens: High School Edition by Brian Butler, Jason Evert, and Crystalline Evert. In an age of “selfies” and egocentrism, YOU cuts through the noise to present an authentic view of the human person. It presents young people with the extraordinary story of their creation as unrepeatable individuals. But the program doesn’t stop there.YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body introduces teens to the truth that life is not, in fact, all about them; it is about going out of themselves to be a sincere gift for others.

 Young People in Middle School (Grades 6 to 8):

1. Defining Dignity: Girl Genius Part I (ENDOW Study for Young Women) ENDOW GroupsThis course explores the teachings of Pope John Paul II on the feminine genius and the authentic dignity each young woman has been given by God.  The world tries to convince young women that their dignity comes from having the right body type, hairstyle, clothes, athletic talents, or academic abilities. But in truth, they have dignity simply because they exist as human beings created in God’s image and likeness. Their intrinsic dignity is given to them freely as a gift from God, and nothing they do can ever add or subtract from this gift.

2. Forming Friendships: Girl Genius Part II (ENDOW Study for Young Women) ENDOW GroupsHow do I make—and keep—friendships that are pleasing to God and will last a lifetime?  This course focuses on a young woman’s natural ability to form meaningful friendships marked with depth and love. They will discover how they are called to act upon their girl genius in relationships, with prayer, and in their actions to help others.  Girls will study papal writings, learn what makes a good friend, and discover why Jesus is truly the perfect friend.

3. Loving Leadership: Girl Genius Part III (ENDOW Study for Young Women) ENDOW GroupsHow can I step up and be an authentic leader in my school, parish, and community? Being an authentic leader means taking care of others. Humble leaders know their strengths and weaknesses, and see their abilities as gifts from God. They recognize the decision to live for Christ is one that is made every day.  With Jesus as their example of leadership, the third part in this series will help girls recognize they have each been given a specific mission. They are encouraged to discover their own call from Christ to be a leader in whatever areas He’s inviting them. The study helps young women to explore their roles as Christ’s daughters and live out their girl genius at their school, church, and at home.

4. Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition by Brian Butler, Jason Evert, and Colin & Aimee MacIver. The Theology of the Body for Teens Middle School program is divided into 8 unique segments that reflect the pedagogical approach of John Paul II’s revolutionary teaching. The program gives sixth through eighth graders the answers to their tough questions concerning their bodies, their sexuality, and their future. The program has been designed specifically as a catechetical program to fit perfectly into Catholic schools, youth ministry, CCD, and homeschooling settings. Theology of the Body for Teens Middle School Edition has been granted the Imprimatur.