"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

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“The Holy Mass: The Source & Summit?” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

November 22, 2017

In this short talk to High School teachers, Fr Nathan asks whether or not we have made the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass the source and summit of our Christian lives. Based on his own personal testimony as a young adult during university and from his work as a priest, Fr. Nathan invites each of… Read More ›

“A Biblical Walk with Mary” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

Fr. Nathan walks us through the in-breaking of revelation throughout history as it was penned by those inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit to prepare the way for she who was to bring into this world the Word made flesh.   Marian Talk 2 – “A Biblical Walk with Mary” – Fr. Nathan from Fr…. Read More ›

“Lessons for High School Graduates from St. Edith Stein” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

In this talk for the 2016 graduating class of Father Lacombe High School in Calgary, Fr. Nathan offered 4 lessons for the students to consider based on the life and teachings of St. Edith Stein. The 4 lessons that were offered to the students were: 1) The challenge to strive for excellence, 2) The call to… Read More ›

“Our Vocations In The Lord” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

In this talk given to the Diocesan Retreat Team of the Diocese of Calgary, Fr. Nathan spoke on vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Fr. Nathan begins this talk with an explanation of the biblical development of the idea of vocation among God’s people. He then shares his own vocation story and offers some insights… Read More ›

“To Receive The Lord With Love and Fear” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

In a talk given to the Father Lacombe Guild of Calgary, Fr. Nathan spoke on the Catholic Church’s ancient practice of having the faithful receive the Holy Eucharist on their tongue while kneeling. Based on the writings of Bishop Athanasius Schneider, the auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakstan, Fr. Nathan traces the historical development of receiving… Read More ›

“Called to Actions of Mercy” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

This week, Fr. Nathan sheds some light on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy and how we can’t simply rely on ourselves to be merciful for we are selfish sinners who so often fail to love as we should. But with the grace of God and the willingness to grow in the virtue of being merciful,… Read More ›

“Mary’s Fiat is Our Fiat” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

This talk was given during a CCO Summit at St. Bernard’s Catholic Church in Calgary. My hope is that this short talk shows us how Mary’s fiat teaches us how to bear Christ in our lives and be confident in sharing that joy with others. “Mary’s Fiat is Our Fiat” PDF Notes    

“An Introduction to The Roman Canon” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

In this presentation, Fr. Nathan explains the importance and structure of the Eucharistic Prayer of the Holy Mass. This presentation will show what are the chief elements of the various Eucharistic Prayers and specifically where they occur in the Roman Canon or Eucharistic Prayer I. The PDF PowerPoint slides contain the text of the Roman… Read More ›

“Stewardship and the New Evangelization” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

This talk was originally given for a Stewardship Conference held in the Diocese of Calgary in June 2015. It explores the relationship between Stewardship and the call to the New Evangelization. Beginning with a brief reflection on how St. Peter and his successors are to be identified as the Chief Steward of the Kingdom of Jesus… Read More ›

“Preparing for Marriage in the Catholic Church” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

With wedding season upon us, many couples who come to witness the marriage of family members and friends are themselves thinking about marriage. This talk was given to engaged couples last Fall as part of their preparation for marriage in the Catholic Church. This talk begins by exploring what the Church understands marriage to be… Read More ›