"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

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“The Truth About Tolerance” – Talk by Fr. Cristino

September 14, 2017

It would seem our modern culture values only one virtue: TOLERANCE. The problem is, tolerance is not a virtue. In fact, one might say that to tolerate is the furthest thing from loving. In this talk delivered to the Youth 4 Truth Conference earlier this year, Fr. Cristino explores the themes of relativism, truth and defending… Read More ›

“Moral Theology & Catholic Decision Making: Week 8” – Course by Fr. Cristino

The concluding lecture of this series takes all that has been covered regarding the foundational principles of moral decision making in our tradition, combined with last week’s emphasis on human dignity, in order to better grasp the Church’s position on sexual ethics. It is in this area that the world pays most attention to the… Read More ›

“Moral Theology & Catholic Decision Making: Week 7” – Course by Fr. Cristino

With six weeks behind us covering the fundamental principles which guide the Catholic moral tradition, namely- that the Church is a loving mother which teaches us to love her Groom, Jesus Christ, in the way He wants to be loved by allowing His laws to govern our consciences so as to act virtuously- we are… Read More ›

“Moral Theology & Catholic Decision Making: Week 6” – Course by Fr. Cristino

Having covered the fundamental principles of the previous five weeks, we can now bring them all together in this session covering the concrete, nuts and bolts of what has guided Catholic decision making for centuries. In a culture permeated- often ignorantly- of gravely evil methods of decision making, it is imperative that Catholics receive a… Read More ›

“Moral Theology & Catholic Decision Making: Week 5” – Course by Fr. Cristino

People are generally familiar with the concept of being virtuous but this is frequently taken to be more of an adjective for “nice people” as opposed to an ethical theory. In this session, Fr. Cristino examines how, down the ages, from the Greek Philosophers to today, seeing the pursuit of virtue as a form of… Read More ›

“Moral Theology & Catholic Decision Making: Week 4” – Course by Fr. Cristino

The much beloved figure of the childhoods of so many, Jiminy Cricket, played a starring role in the Disney Classic, Pinocchio- not for being a particularly cute cricket- but rather, a conscientious guide. The role of our conscience in moral decision making is indispensable but one which, with the help of the Church, revelation and law, must… Read More ›

“Moral Theology & Catholic Decision Making: Week 3” – Course by Fr. Cristino

Having laid the groundwork of Catholic moral principles being the teaching authority of the Church which is at the service of fostering our friendship with Christ, we can now turn our attention to four key concepts which govern morality. The first and broadest of these four is the reality of ‘LAW’; what it is, where… Read More ›

“Moral Theology & Catholic Decision Making: Week 2” – Course by Fr. Cristino

In this second of eight lectures being delivered by Fr. Cristino as part of Saint Michael’s adult faith formation series, Saints in the City, we explore how having a teaching mother in the Church serves to facilitate our personal relationship with Christ. Morality is to love Christ according to the way in which He WANTS to be… Read More ›

“Moral Theology & Catholic Decision Making: Week 1” – Course by Fr. Cristino

Saint Michael’s Catholic Community in Calgary has introduced a platform of ongoing adult faith formation called Saints in the City. As an introductory feature of this program, Fr. Cristino, the associate pastor of the parish, is offering an 8-week course exploring the guiding principles behind the Catholic Moral Tradition and how these principles could and… Read More ›

Why Catholicism is… AWESOME! – Talk by Fr. Cristino

Often times religious faiths are regarded as one of many possibilities. If nothing is actually true, good, or beautiful though, what is the purpose of choosing one over another? This talk hopes to establish several very compelling reasons to believe that Catholicism is not just a nice possibility but a faith worth practicing with virtuous… Read More ›