"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

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Proud to be Catholic

November 20, 2017

My husband, Henry, and I recently had the privilege of serving as co-chairs for the Bishop’s Dinner in Calgary, Alberta. It’s an annual gathering, and this year the focus was on raising funds to support and empower young people. The event was sold out, and when I arrived, I found myself surrounded by close to… Read More ›

Perfectionism and the Pursuit of Excellence

Many years ago, when my daughter was about 10 years old, she decided to enter an Easter colouring contest. The prize was a gift certificate at a nearby shopping mall, and as she had her eye on a music box there, she set about the task of colouring her Easter bunny with special care. Unfortunately,… Read More ›

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

“May I never boast of anything but the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ!” (Gal 6:14) Catholics celebrate the Exaltation of the Holy Cross each year on September 14th.1 At first glance, this feast might appear somewhat puzzling – akin to presenting the electric chair as something we ought to praise, aspire to, and embrace…. Read More ›

The Consecration of Canada: Under Our Lady’s Mantle

July 1st, 2017 is an auspicious day in Canada’s history, not only because it is the 150th anniversary of our country, but also because the Bishops of Canada have chosen to mark this great occasion by consecrating our nation to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.1 This is not the first time such… Read More ›

The Benedict Option

The Benedict Option is a New York Times Bestseller that has been described as the “most discussed and most important religious book of the decade.”1 When it was published, it set off a firestorm of dialogue among Christians; you need only google “Benedict Option” to find an abundance of opinions and reviews, both glowing and… Read More ›

In Search of the Holy Spirit

“Virtues are formed by prayer. Prayer preserves temperance. Prayer suppresses anger. Prayer prevents emotions of pride and envy. Prayer draws into the soul the Holy Spirit, and raises man to heaven.” – St. Ephrem the Syrian, Doctor of the Church (306-373) Although the chocolate is long gone and the decorations have been packed away, it… Read More ›

“Tre Ore” – 6th and 7th Last Words of Christ – A SPECIAL EVENT

Conclusion to our Lenten Mission on the 7 Last Words of Christ with Fr. Nathan, Fr. Jerome, Fr. Jonathan and Michael Chiasson with Access 52. “Tre Ore – 6th and 7th Last Words of Christ”    “Tre Ore” – 6th & 7th Last Words of Christ – Lenten Retreat Series from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on… Read More ›

7 Last Words of Christ: 5th Word – by Fr. Nathan

Lenten Mission on the 7 Last Words of Christ – “I Thirst…” “I Thirst…”  PDF Version 05 Lenten Retreat Series – Fr. Nathan “I Thirst” from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo.

7 Last Words of Christ: 4th Word – by Fr. Jerome

Lenten Mission on the 7 Last Words of Christ – “Eloi, Eloi – lama sabachtani” “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  PDF Version

7 Last Words of Christ: 3rd Word by Fr. Jonathan

Lenten Mission on the 7 Last Words of Christ – “Woman, behold your son” “3rd Word – Woman, behold your son / Son, behold your Mother.”  PDF Version 03 Lenten Retreat Series – Fr. Jonathan “Behold Your Son, Behold Your Mother” from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo.