"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

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“A Mother’s Mediation” – Homily by Fr.Jerome

4th Sunday in Advent (Luke 1:39-45) “A Mother’s Mediation” PDF Version “A Mother’s Mediation” – Homily by Fr.Jerome from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo.

“Blessed Woman, Fruit and Womb” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

4th Sunday of Advent (Lk 1:39-45) “Blessed Woman, Fruit and Womb”  PDF Version Homily for the 4th Sunday of Advent, Year C (2018): Lk 1:39-45 It would likely be near to impossible to count just how many times the Hail Mary prayer has been uttered since it was first composed through the archangel’s salutation of “Hail… Read More ›

“The Nails and the Ointment” – Homily by Fr. Jerome

Third Sunday of Advent (Luke 3:10-18) “The Nails and the Ointment” PDF Version    "The Nails and the Ointment" – Homily by Fr. Jerome from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo.    

“Hope of the Heart: Light” – Homily by Fr. Jerome

Second Sunday of Advent (Luke 3:1-6)  “Hope of the Heart: Light” PDF Version “Hope of the Heart: Light” – Homily by Fr. Jerome from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo.

“Adventus Rex” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

2nd Sunday of Advent (Bar 5:1-9; Lk 3:1-6) “Adventus Rex”  PDF Version Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Advent, Year C (2018): Bar 5:1-9; Lk 3:1-6 The word Advent has its origins in the Latin word Adventus, which translates into the Arrival or the Coming of someone of great importance. In Ancient Rome, the term Adventus… Read More ›

“The Birth Pangs of Re-Creation” – Homily by Fr. Jerome

1st Sunday of Advent ( Luke 21:25-28, 34-36) “The Birth Pangs of Re-Creation” PDF Version “The Birth Pangs of Re-Creation” from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo.      

2018 – Fr. Jerome’s Homily Archives

Fr. Jerome’s Homilies of the Liturgical Year  1st Sunday of Advent (Mark 13:33-37) “The Awakening” PDF Version “The Awakening” – Homily by Fr. Jerome from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo. 2nd Sunday of Advent (Mark 1:1-8) “The New Exodus” PDF Version “The New Exodus” – Homily by Fr. Jerome from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo. 3rd Sunday… Read More ›

“Hope For The End” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

1st Sunday of Advent (1 The 3:12-4:2; Lk 21:25-28, 34-26) “Hope For The End”  PDF Version Homily for the 1st Sunday of Advent, Year C (2018): 1 Thes 3:12-4:2; Lk 21:25-28, 34-36 A few years ago, some good friends bought me a copy of the book World War Zby Max Brooks.  There is a movie version… Read More ›

“Subjects of an Invisible Throne” – Homily by Fr. Cristino

This homily was preached on the occasion of Fr. Cristino’s visit to the Calgary seminarians studying at St. Joseph’s Seminary, Edmonton. Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King (Jn. 18: 33b-37) “Subjects of an Invisible Throne” PDF Version of Notes

“My King and My Queen” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe (Jn 18:33b-37) “My King and My Queen”  PDF Version Homily for the Solemnity of Christ the King, Year B (2018): Jn 18:33b-37 Adam and Eve were to reign as king and queen. In giving them dominion over Eden and by extension over all… Read More ›