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“The Resurrected Eucharist” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

April 14, 2018

3rd Sunday of Easter (Lk 24:35-48) “The Resurrected Eucharist”  PDF Version Homily for the 3rdSunday of Easter, Year B (2018): Lk 24:35-48 When she was but 9 years old, St Teresa of Avila in Spain ran away from home. After she was found and scolded by her uncle and brought back to her father to… Read More ›

“The Apostles’ First Reconciliation” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

The 2nd Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday) (Jn 20:13-31) “The Apostles’ First Reconciliation”  PDF Version Homily for the Second Sunday of Easter, Year B (2018) (Jn 20:19-31) During the 50 days that Our Risen Lord spent on earth before His Ascension into heaven, we learn from the Gospels and the letters of St. Paul that… Read More ›

“The Firstborn from the Dead” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord (Easter Vigil and Sunday) “The Firstborn from the Dead”  PDF Version Easter homily 2018 Jesus Christ was not the first person in history to rise from the dead. The Old Testament tells us that the prophets Elijah and Elisha raised people from the sleep of death, while… Read More ›

“He Descended Into Hell” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

Commemoration of the Passion of the Lord (Good Friday) “He Descended Into Hell”  PDF Version Good Friday 2018 After they rolled the stone across the tomb, those brave disciples, who did not abandon Jesus when He needed them most, so too took their leave from the place of the skull, that hill where many said… Read More ›

“An Empty Tabernacle” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

The Mass of the Lord’s Supper (Holy Thursday) “An Empty Tabernacle”  PDF Version Homily for Holy Thursday 2018 An unsettling yet significant feature of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper is that we are in the presence of an empty tabernacle. The tabernacle, often adorned with a coloured veil, securely locked and accompanied by the… Read More ›

“My Favourite Verse in Holy Scripture” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

5th Sunday of Lent (Jn 12:32) “My Favourite Verse in Holy Scripture”  PDF Version Homily for the 5th Sunday of Lent, Year B (2018): Jn 12:32  I was once asked what my favourite verse was in all of Holy Scripture. I realized right away that I could not provide an adequate answer until I had… Read More ›

“Songs of Babylon & Zion” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

4th Sunday of Lent (2 Chr 36:14-17a, 19-23, Ps 137, Jn 3:14-21) “Songs of Babylon & Zion”  PDF Version Homily for 4th Sunday of Lent, Year B (2018): 2 Chr 36:14-17a, 19-23, Ps 137, Jn 3:14-21 Much to my younger brothers dismay, I was in no rush to get my driver’s license and start driving… Read More ›

“Rumble in the Temple” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

3rd Sunday of Lent (Ex 20: 1-3, 7-8, 12-17; Jn 2:13-25) “Rumble in the Temple”  PDF Version Homily for the 3rd Sunday of Lent, Year B (2018): Ex 20: 1-3, 7-8, 12-17; Jn 2:13-25 A man once told Jesus Christ that to love the Lord your God your God with all your mind, and all your… Read More ›

“Upon Two Mountains” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

2nd Sunday of Lent (Gen 22:1-2, 9-13, 15-18; Rom 8: 31b-35, 37; Mk 9:2-10) “Upon Two Mountains”  PDF Version Homily for 2nd Sunday of Lent, Year B (2018): Gen 22:1-2, 9-13, 15-18; Rom 8: 31b-35, 37; Mk 9:2-10  Mountains were among the favoured locations that God choose to reveal Himself through what is known as… Read More ›

“Alongside the Wild Beasts and the Angels” – Homily by Fr. Nathan

1st Sunday of Lent (Gn 9:8-15; 1 Pet 3:18-22; Mk 1:12-15) “Alongside the Wild Beasts and the Angels”  PDF Version Homily for the 1st Sunday of Lent, Year B (2018): Gn 9:8-15; 1 Pet 3:18-22; Mk 1:12-15 The incarnation of Jesus Christ, Perfect God and Perfect Man, and the summation of His work of salvation… Read More ›