"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

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St. Lawrence of Rome

August 1, 2018

St. Lawrence of Rome Born: December 31, 225 AD in Huesca, Spain. Martyred: August 10, 258 AD in Rome. Canonized: 4th Century AD Feast Day: August 10 Patronage: Comedians, Librarians, Chefs, Students, Tanners, Miners, Chefs, Roasters/Bbqers, The Poor, Fire Fighters and the Cities of Rome and Huesca. When one thinks of the saints that once walked… Read More ›

St. Ignatius of Loyola

Born: c. October 23,1491 at Azpeitia, Spain (Basque country) Died: July 31, 1556 in Rome, Italy Beatified: July 27, 1609 by Pope Paul V Canonized: March 12, 1622 by Pope Gregory XV Feast Day: July 31 Attributes: Eucharist, chasuble, book, cross Patronage: Society of Jesus, Dioceses of San Sebastián and Bilbao, Bisca and Gipuzkoa; Basque… Read More ›

St Thomas More

St Thomas More Born: February 7, 1477 in London to John and Agnes More Died: executed July 6, 1535, aged 57, London Beatified: 29 December 1886 by Pope Leo XIII Canonized: 19 May, 1935 by Pope Pius XI Feast Day: 22 June (date of St John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester’s execution 2 weeks before More)… Read More ›

St. Athanasius

Born: c. 296 Died: 2 May 373 Patriarch of Alexandria: 8 June 328 Patronage: Theologians       There is a classic phrase associated with one of the most important saints in the history of all the Church: Athanasius Contra Mundum – Athanasius Against the World. St. Athanasius of Alexandria, though having lived more than 1,500… Read More ›

St. Isidore of Seville

St. Isidore of Seville Born: 560 in Cartagena, Spain Died: April 4, 636 in Seville Canonized: 1598 by Pope Clement VIII Feast Day: April 4 Patronage: The Internet, computer technicians, programmers and students While he lived some 1400 years ago during a time when there was no such thing as electricity – never mind computers… Read More ›

St. Frances of Rome, Obl. S.B.

St. Frances of Rome, Obl. S.B. Born: 1384 in Rome Died: March 9, 1440 in Rome Canonized: 1608 by Pope Paul V in Rome Feast Day: March 9 Patronage: Benedictine Oblates, Automobile Drivers, Widows   There are many ways that someone can attempt to visit the Eternal City of Rome. Many will opt to see… Read More ›

Venerable Edvige Carboni, T.O.S.F.

Mystic, Stigmatic, Victim Soul & Laywoman Born: May 2, 1880 in Pozzomaggiore, Italy Died: February 17, 1952 in Rome, Italy (age 71) Declared Venerable: May 4, 2017 by Pope Francis1 Although countless mystics have been numbered among the Catholic faithful, not everyone feels comfortable with this aspect of the Church’s life. Things we don’t understand… Read More ›

Saint Timothy, Bishop and Martyr

  Born: AD 17, Lystra Died: AD 97, Macedonia Feast Day: January 26th (with Saint Titus) Patronage: stomach and intestinal disorders   One name that readily comes to mind when considering the growth and spread of Christianity in the earliest days of the Church is the apostle Paul, and it would be hard to overstate… Read More ›

Saint of the Month- St. Lucy

St. Lucy of Syracuse Born: c. 290 A.D. Died: 304 A.D. Patronage: The blind, maladies of the eyes         Upon entering our family home, to the right, on the wall above the closet, was an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary with the invocation, “God bless… Read More ›

St. Gertrude the Great

Born: June 6, 1256, at Eisleben, Germany Died: November 17, 1302 Canonized: 1677, by Pope Clement XII Feast Day: November 16 Patronage: West Indies, gardeners, widows, recently deceased people, the sick, the poor, the mentally ill, and travelers in search of lodging. “O Sacred Heart of Jesus, fountain of eternal life, Your Heart is a glowing furnace of… Read More ›