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“Promoting a Culture of Vocations in School” – Talk by Fr. Cristino

We remain privileged, despite ongoing and increasing obstacles, to still have and maintain our separate school system. One of the many blessings this affords us is a natural avenue to seize the opportunities for promoting the discernment of children’s vocations in light of God’s unique plan for them. Our schools should be ‘greenhouses‘ for vocations- especially to the priesthood and religious life.

In this talk delivered to the teachers of Holy Cross Collegiate in Strathmore, AB (and later again to the administrative leadership of the Calgary Separate School District), Fr. Cristino explores what it means to promote a culture of vocations and some practical tips for what that could look like on a daily basis in any and every one of our schools.

“Promoting a Culture of Vocations in School” 

PDF Version of Notes 

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