"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

“When Peter Speaks: Loving, Obeying & Interpreting the Pope” – Talk by Fr. Cristino

It seems nearly every other day, Pope Francis is giving an off-the-cuff interview to some media outlet or group, paying him a visit in Rome. It has led to varying reactions: of delight among those in the press awaiting the next story to spin; and horror among even pope-loving prelates who ask, “What has he said NOW?” We live in a time when it is easy for a man to distract from an office…

In this talk, first given to the Fr. Lacombe Men’s Guild of Calgary, Fr. Cristino explores the nature of the papacy in general as well as historically, theologically and spiritually examining how best one can love, obey and interpret not only our current Holy Father, but every Successor of St. Peter.

When Peter Speaks: Loving, Obeying & Interpreting the Pope 

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