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“Mary – The Mother of Mercy” – Talk by Fr. Jerome

“At the Cross, her station keeping, stood the mournful Mother weeping – now at length THE SWORD had passed… Christ above in torment hangs while she beneath beholds the pangs of her dying, glorious Son. Holy Mother, pierce me through IN MY HEART: let me share with you His pain who for all our sins was slain. Who for me in torments died.

All the days that I may live by the cross with you to stay. There with you to weep and pray – is all I ask of you to give.” (Words taken from Stabat Mater – 13th Century Hymn)

Mary, Mother of Mercy – pray for us.

Peace, Fr. Jerome

“Mary – The Mother of Mercy” 

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“Mary, Mother of Mercy” – Talk by Fr. Jerome from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo.


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