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“What the Church ACTUALLY Teaches About Same-Sex Attraction” – Talk by Fr. Cristino

There is perhaps a no more divisive issue in our modern times than that of the Catholic Church’s response to homosexuality. Upon visiting a typical high school classroom, the following question will invariably be posed, “Why does the Church hate gay people?”

Could it be, that Holy Mother Church, the Spotless Bride of Christ, could ‘hate’ anyone? Intuitively we know that cannot be the case, yet how is that reconciled with her firm and absolute prohibition against the possibility of same-sex “marriage”?

In this talk delivered to the DMC Young Adults Group, Fr. Cristino offers a concise presentation of the Church’s official teaching on the matter of same-sex attraction so as to both dispel myths as well as to expound upon God’s beautiful plan for human sexuality.

This talk is concluded by the powerful testimony of Mr. JC Schmidt, a consecrated celibate, who himself lives with same-sex attraction. The presentation begins with the opening scene [2:30] of the following, powerful short film:

What the Church Actually Teaches About Same-Sex Attraction  [audio https://swordsoftruth.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/what-the-church-actually-teaches-about-ssa.mp3]

PDF Version of the Slideshow


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