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Eagerly Have I Desired To Share This Meal With You: Understanding the Holy Mass- Lesson 3

The most important thing we do in the life of prayer and worship as Catholics is to celebrate the Eucharist. In the last 50 years, an alarming decline in the percentage of Mass attendance has plagued North America. Could it be that we have grown to ignore or count as irrelevant the single most powerful act in the universe?

In this course, Fr. Cristino will walk us through each of the mechanical parts of the Holy Mass helping to give context, either historically or theologically, as to what we are saying and doing doing Mass as well as why it is significant. The focus will primarily be the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite (aka “The Mass of Vatican II”) according to a careful interpretation of the documents of the Council which governed the revisions made to the Sacred Liturgy.

Lesson 3: The Liturgy of the Eucharist- Part I 

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