"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

Gone Fishing

come_follow_me(Matthew 4:12-23) Have you ever thought about the people that Jesus chose to be His first disciples? They weren’t scholars or even particularly educated men. They weren’t wealthy or connected or powerful. They were simple fishermen, and all were sinners.

Jesus’ apostles were ordinary people – not much different than you and me. But He chose them specifically, calling each by name. These men would not only be His disciples, but would also become His closest friends. Sure, they would work alongside Him, teaching, healing and leading the Early Church, but they would also follow Him to the “ends of the earth.”1 They would follow Him in life, and ultimately follow Him in death. He didn’t see these men as the world did, as simple fishermen; He recognized so much more in them.

Consider the qualities of a fisherman. They have the utmost patience to sit, watch, and wait. They have a keen sense of timing – being responsive at just the right moment. Fishermen know the importance of remaining calm and quiet despite the circumstances or conditions. They’re willing to work hard and persevere, regardless of the results. Such qualities certainly make for good fishermen, but interestingly enough, they also make for good disciples.

In the same way, God sees the potential that lies hidden in each and every one of us. We all have particular qualities or skills that, on the surface, may seem rather ordinary or unimportant. But God uses them, infusing them with His grace to transform these ordinary qualities into extraordinary gifts.

Just as God chose to come as one of us, He now uses this same means – humanity – to bring about His plan of salvation. The Lord works through us! Indeed, we all have a part to play. Jesus calls each of us by name to follow Him, to help bring His love to our little corner of the world, in a way that only we can do. We are His feet to go, His hands to heal, His voice to console. No job could be more important than that.

– Kelley Holy

1 Acts 1:8 says, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

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