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“Why Do Priests Wear Vestments?” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

“Why Do Priests Wear Vestments?” [audio https://swordsoftruth.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/vestment.mp3] PDF Notes

In this talk, Fr. Nathan gives an explanation into the historical origin, symbolic meaning and spirituality around the vestments that deacons, priests and bishops wear for Mass. He shows how they developed throughout history and why they are important in the Church today.


Frs. Jerome and Nathan vested for Mass. We celebrated Mass over the body of St. Philip Neri in the Chiesa Nuova, Roma.


The Priestly Vestments of St. Padre Pio


The body of Bl. Pius IX in San Lorenzo, Roma. On his head is the papal camauro.


Pope Francis celebrating Mass

Meg Vanc marathon and Nathan's ordination 111

Fr. Nathan when he was a transitional deacon. He is wearing the deacon’s dalmatic.


Fr. Cristino in cassock, surplice and biretta.

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