"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

The Desert is No Walk in the Park

War with the SkyOne night last week, I was out very late and found myself driving in extremely thick fog, a rarity for Calgary.  As I crept along the road, I was reminded of how God guided the Israelites through the desert with a cloud.  For some reason, that account had never seemed strange to me until this very moment.  How could God show them the way with a cloud, of all things?  Then, it hit me.  God did show them the way, not with their physical eyes but with the eyes of their hearts.  He showed them what it means to trust!  God was teaching them about faith – that though they could probably see about as far in front of them as I could, He wouldn’t fail them.  I understand now that following Christ is not always about clarity.  We may not be able to see clearly where God is leading us, yet we continue to move forward on our Christian journey.  That is what it means to “walk by faith” (2 Cor 5:7).

My eleven-year-old daughter and her friends were playing a trust game during recess the other day; one of them closed their eyes while another would lead them along.  I remember playing similar games when I was their age and the odd mixture of fear and excitement that comes from relinquishing control and putting all your trust in someone else.  It’s so hard to trust, and we instinctively want to open our eyes and take over again!  Unfortunately, for my daughter, that trust was unfounded – her friend unwittingly caused her to step down into the well around a tree, crashing her forehead into its dense trunk in the process.  It was completely unintentional, but my daughter’s goose-egg served as a good reminder that life’s hazards are all around us and that even well-meaning friends can sometimes send us careening into them.  As we walk through life, especially in those desert moments, we must follow the Lord and Him alone.  He’ll never lead us off the path or cause us to stumble.  Yet, even if we do find ourselves on uneven ground, He’ll be waiting nearby with open arms to catch us.

– Kelley Holy

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