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Why is there homosexuality in the world?

garden-of-eden2Q: Why is there homosexuality in the world?
A: When sin entered the world in the Garden of Eden, the result was disorder in all aspects of Creation. Human sexuality was wounded that day, becoming both a means and an obstacle to salvation. Homosexuality is not a recent thing – it was quite common in ancient Greece and Rome. The Bible speaks of it in many places, such as its prevalence at Sodom, the cult of male prostitution to the god Baal, and its prohibition in the Law due to the scandals it created in the People of Israel. Although St. Paul and other early Church writers spoke out against homosexuality, it was actually very countercultural to do so. Outside of the Jewish people, it was widely accepted. Today, it is more holistic to use the term “same-sex attraction” as most other terms reduce people to just their sexual preferences rather than seeing them as whole persons. It is a complex orientation that is not completely understood, but the Church does recognize that many experience this inclination, often from a very young age.