"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

The Wedding Feast at Cana

wedding-at-cana(John 2:1-12) When we consider all the things that Jesus could have done for His first miracle, the one at the Wedding in Cana seems so insignificant, almost trivial.  No miraculous healing takes place, no one is raised from the dead – the wine has simply run out at a wedding feast.  Yet, for whatever reason, Mary brings it to her Son’s attention, confident that He can help.  The resulting miracle, changing the water into wine, is astonishing on many levels, and we learn some profound truths about our Lord, His provision for us, and the way that He transforms our lives.

First, we see that nothing is beyond our Lord’s attention; any situation that may cause us humiliation or pain is important to Him.  When Mary tells Jesus that the wine has run out, He isn’t ready to reveal His glory, saying, “My hour has not yet come” (Jn 2:4).  Nevertheless, in His great love and respect for her, He willingly responds.  Mary’s role in the story, and in our lives, is that of perfect intercessor.  She gently brings all of our concerns to her Son’s attention, confident in His love for us.  Jesus comes to meet us in the ordinary circumstances of our lives, using ordinary means – the things and people with which we are familiar – and transforms them, and us, in the process.

For instance, in last week’s Gospel, He made the waters of the Jordan holy for baptism.  Water, essential to life, becomes the sign and the means of our redemption, a necessity for eternal life.  Now, we see the Lord change water into wine, transforming something ordinary into something extraordinary.  Witnessing His power manifested in these ways brings to mind the ultimate transformation that will take place at the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry during the Last Supper – when He changes the wine into His very blood and institutes the Eucharist.  Everything that Jesus touches is changed for the better.  Not only are the substances of water and wine changed, but those of us who come in contact with them.  The conversion of the human heart is effected through these seemingly simple acts that we now call the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.

Following the example of the bridegroom, we must invite the Lord to be a part of our lives, trusting that He will fill our emptiness with abundant blessing, until our cup all but overflows.  To this end, Mother Mary lovingly instructs us: “Do whatever he tells you” (Jn 2:5).  As with the apostles who’ve gone before us, we must take her words to heart, recognizing that at times we may be asked to do and to believe what others will find scandalous or too hard.  If we persevere in following Christ, we can be confident that He will ultimately lead us to that eternal wedding feast on the day of Resurrection.

– Kelley Holy

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