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Can a non-Catholic receive Communion at a Catholic church?

?Q: Can a non-Catholic receive Communion at a Catholic church?

A: The short answer is no. All those receiving the Eucharist, including Catholics, should be well prepared in both body and soul for what they receive, since it’s truly the Body and Blood of Christ. Those receiving should also be in communion with the whole Church since the Eucharist is a great sign of unity. Exceptions can be made, such as the case of a wedding where only one person is Catholic, but the non-Catholic would need to fully understand and believe that Jesus is truly present, not just symbolically. Nevertheless, exceptions are rare and only at the discretion of the local bishop. Not only should non-Catholics not receive the Eucharist, but also Catholics shouldn’t receive communion at a non-Catholic church as it could cause confusion or even scandal for those in attendance.