"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

September 9, 2012

 Flip open the Gospels to just about any page and it’s easy to see why Jesus is sometimes called The Great Physician: a huge part of His ministry involved healing!  This week we read the account of a man who was deaf and unable to speak clearly.  Although we may not share this type of physical impediment, if we look deeply into our own hearts, we will see that each one of us has something that keeps us from growing in our spiritual lives, something that is in need of Jesus’ healing.

So, what is standing in the way of opening ourselves to that healing?  Perhaps it’s our self-sufficiency or our fear of how others will see us.  Maybe it’s simply laziness or our preoccupation with checklists and schedules.  Sadly, we become comfortable in our daily routines and may be so afraid of change that we persist in our ways, even though we know, at some level, that something better is out there.  Jesus wants to open our ears and mouths, but first we must open our hearts!  Like the man who wanted healing, we must ask for the gift of faith so that God’s grace can begin to work in us.  Then, Jesus will speak that one simple word that has the power to transform our lives, “Ephphatha” – “Be opened” – and we, too, will be unable to contain our joy.

–  Kelley Holy

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