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April showers bring May… pilgrims!

April 10, 2018 • Living in Truth

  “When April with his showers sweet with fruit The drought of March has pierced unto the root… Then do folk long to go on pilgrimage.”[1] – Geoffrey Chaucer, Canterbury Tales prologue Chaucer was one of the first authors to write in English, for all to share, rather than in the languages of the learned.  Dear… Read More ›

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“Who Is The Man of the Shroud?” – Talk by Barrie Schwortz

After 40 years of Shroud Science – here is Barrie Schwortz’s personal perspective. Hear it for yourself from someone who was there during those 5 historic days back in 1978, when the Shroud of Turin was made available for examination by some of the world’s leading members of the scientific community. “Who Is The Man… Read More ›

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St. Isidore of Seville

St. Isidore of Seville Born: 560 in Cartagena, Spain Died: April 4, 636 in Seville Canonized: 1598 by Pope Clement VIII Feast Day: April 4 Patronage: The Internet, computer technicians, programmers and students While he lived some 1400 years ago during a time when there was no such thing as electricity – never mind computers… Read More ›

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Dr. Peter Kreeft: The 10 Books Nobody Should Be Allowed to Die Without Reading

In this wonderful video from Immaculata Classical Academy Dr. Peter Kreeft lists “The 10 Books Nobody Should Be Allowed to Die Without Reading” of course in classic Kreeft style he gives us 26 books with 15 bonus titles.