"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice…" (John 18:37)

7 Last Words of Christ: 4th Word – by Fr. Jerome

March 30, 2017 • Living in Truth

Lenten Mission on the 7 Last Words of Christ – “Eloi, Eloi – lama sabachtani” “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  PDF Version

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Response to Teen Vogue from a Pro-Life Teen

Autumn, a member of Students For Life gives her response to Teen Vogue’s abortion gift-guide article. Her response shows not only insight but also clarity of thought and a tremendous conviction! This video was originally posted online last month (February, 20th 2017) by Students for Life.

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“Foundational Bearings of Theology – 8th Lecture by Fr. Jerome

Session 8 SWOT Audio from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo. Foundational Bearings of Theology – Lecture 8 Corbon’s Morphology of the Liturgy: 8. Space, 2nd Master Theme – “Word and Sacrament in DYNAMIC Relationship” Experience firsthand the transformative power of knowledge infused with the gift of Faith. The following MP3 Lecture Series is an assimilation of… Read More ›

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Of purging and all things purgatorial…

For the first 10 years or so of married life, my husband and I hauled around at least three huge boxes of textbooks. Every time we moved, we’d pack them up and take them to the next house, and there they would sit in our attic or storage room…until the next move. I finally somehow… Read More ›