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“Signs of the Resurrection of the Man of the Shroud” – By Fr. Andrew Dalton LC

April 20, 2014

So fitting for Easter Season! Check out part 2 of St. Peter’s Special ‘Man of the Shroud Exhibit’ talk by Fr. Andrew who goes on to share with us how science even claims that no one in the world is able to re-create anything even remotely close what we find embedded upon the Shroud of Turin. Not a… Read More ›


“The Sufferings of the Man of the Shroud” – By Fr. Andrew Dalton LC

Discover what science has revealed to us about the sufferings experienced by the ‘Mysterious Man of the Shroud of Turin’. This presentation will take your Good Friday to a whole other level. 2nd MOS Presentation – “The Sufferings of the Man of the Shroud” by Fr. Andrew Dalton LC from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo.


“Thank You for My Cancer, Lord” – A Powerful Witness by Carla Hamarsnes

The BIG “C” word: CANCER… it touches us all – directly or indirectly – and it will continue to do so. What you are about to see and hear is a moving Witness to the Glory of suffering love. The kind of love and suffering that Our Lord bore for us while stretched out between… Read More ›

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“The Signs of Our Times” – Talk by Carla Hamarsnes

This presentation explores 11 signs our our times and proposes several Christian responses to them. “The Signs of Our Times”


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