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“A Brief Introduction to the YouCat for Teachers” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

March 19, 2014

In this talk, Fr. Nathan offers school teachers an introduction to the YouCat (Youth Catechism). This talk offers an explanation as to why we have catechisms and a general overview of the contents of the YouCat. I also included a few of my own personal musings on what it means to be a teacher in… Read More ›

Pius XII arms outstretched

“How Pope Pius XII Saved Jews during the Holocaust” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

“How Pope Pius XII Saved Jews during the Holocaust”  PDF Notes In this talk, Fr. Nathan explores the controversy surrounding the role that Pope Pius XII had during WWII and the Holocaust. He will address recent critics that have contented Pius XII did little to save Jews from the Nazis, that he was indifferent to their… Read More ›


“The Inquisition Is Coming!” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

“The Inquisition Is Coming!” PDF Notes This talk will address the controversial role of the Inquisition in Europe. It will attempt to discern fact from fiction concerning the Inquisition. The primary focus of this talk is the Spanish Inquisition and its legacy, in addition to other topics like the role of the Inquisition against the… Read More ›

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“What Were The Crusades?” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

“What Were The Crusades?”  PDF Notes In this talk, Fr. Nathan will offer an overview of the history of the Crusades in Israel/Palestine. He will explain the history leading up to the First Crusade, explain why the Christians believed it to be a just war, offer different historical interpretations as to why the Crusades were… Read More ›


“Why Do Priests Wear Vestments?” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

“Why Do Priests Wear Vestments?” PDF Notes In this talk, Fr. Nathan gives an explanation into the historical origin, symbolic meaning and spirituality around the vestments that deacons, priests and bishops wear for Mass. He shows how they developed throughout history and why they are important in the Church today. Frs. Jerome and Nathan vested… Read More ›


“My Vocation is the Priesthood” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

In this talk given to young men discerning the call to the Priesthood, I offered my own vocation story. The talk includes how I encountered the call when I was a kid and teen and how I finally accepted it while in university, in addition to some reflections on what it was like to be… Read More ›


“Christians Are Countercultural” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

Ever since the first Christians walked through the gates of Rome, their message has always been “to be in the world, but not of the world”. This talk was offered to young adults to help them explore how to proclaim the Gospel in the ordinary moments of daily life, to see the challenges in talking… Read More ›


“Heaven is the heart’s deepest longing” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

Every human person is filled with infinite desires and longings. The fulfillment of them is heaven, eternal communion with the God who is Love. This talk explores how this deep longing is revealed in Scripture and Tradition as the Beatific Vision, The Communion of Saints and New Heaven and New Earth. “Heaven is the heart’s… Read More ›


“How to interpret the Word of God” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

” How to interpret the Word of God”  PDF Notes In this talk, Fr. Nathan explores how we interpret the Bible as Catholics by examining the Gospel of Matthew and the First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians. The focus of this talk is to offer some insights into who wrote these texts and… Read More ›


“Cohabitation – Bound to Fail?” – Fr. Nathan

A talk given for the Faith Life series January 25/13 at Our Lady of Grace parish, Calgary, AB “Cohabitation-Bound to fail?”  A Written Version-PDF


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