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“Lectio Divina – The Capturing of the Heart” – Talk by Fr. Jerome

November 7, 2014

For over 1500 years, those who desire to have an intimate encounter with the Living Word of God have done so by means of Lectio Divina, known as ‘Divine Reading’. While reflecting upon this way of intimately encountering the Spirit of the Living God, St. John of the Cross was inspired to write: “Seek in… Read More ›

Father's Authority

“The Father’s Authority is the Treasure in the Field” – Talk by Fr. Jerome

This talk marks the first of a four part series retreat aimed at strengthening our understanding of Spiritual Truths that have been eroded through modern day societies fast pace culture. “The Father’s Authority is the Treasure in the Field”   PDF Version “The Father’s Authority is the Treasure in the Field” – Talk by Fr. Jerome from… Read More ›


“The Touchdown, The Moment: SEIZE IT!” – A Special Presentation

“We’re told that on one occasion, Beethoven was overheard Screaming at The Top Of His Voice while slamming both of his fists on the keyboard: “I WILL TAKE LIFE BY THE THROAT!!!” That’s what a life looks like when someone has harnessed the power behind the urgency of now!” The following presentations are meant to stir… Read More ›


“Discover Your Purpose” – Talks by Fr. Jerome, Michael Chiasson and Seminarian Pil Lezano

All parents and grand parents out there – you’ve been entrusted with the task of helping our younger generation DISCOVER the purpose for their existence. Talk to them about their VOCATION and not just their careers. For a Vocation – be it to the married life, single life or the religious life – is a GIFT FROM ABOVE while careers are gifts from below…. Read More ›


“Fueling the Fire of Divine Mercy” – Talk by Fr. Jerome

Ever wondered exactly what is Divine Mercy? In short – it’s the time in which we live. In this talk, you will discover all you need to know about what that means. For a short article on Divine Mercy from Swords of Truth, CLICK HERE. For a write up on the importance of the Chaplet… Read More ›


“Relevant Church?” – Something Needs to Change

We’ve all heard it before and some of us are saying it now: “The Church needs to get with the times!” That’s right – the Church ABSOLUTELY does need to get with the time in which she finds herself living in. Find out who the Church is, what she has become and who’s gotta get… Read More ›


“Faithful is Possible – TRUST God and Pray” Special Event

Every month at St. Peter’s, Michael Chiasson (ACCESS 52) and Fr. Jerome put on a Special Event aimed at inspiring people of all ages and from all walks of life. The two following clips from our 2nd of 3 part “Illusions Series” will awaken something within – after all, isn’t that the whole reason why… Read More ›


“The Path of Love” – Talk by Fr. Jerome

LOVE… We’re made for it, we yearn for it, we all have our own interpretation of it. So who’s got the recipe? The following ‘Retreat Style Presentation’ will lead you straight to the Fountain Source of all Love. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” The God Man – Jesus Christ “The Path of… Read More ›

Angels Among Us

“Angels Among Us” – Talk by Fr. Jerome

The Almighty assigns them at the moment of our conception. Their mandate is simple and thorough, (the beauty in the plan is it’s simplicity), to watch over our spiritual and temporal well being while the mortality of our existence passes through the hour glass of human history. As wondrous as it all might be, most… Read More ›


“Bonded DEPTHS of Sarah” – Talk by Fr. Jerome

This talk marks the 2nd instalment of our ‘Spiritual Ladies Night!’ Series at St. Peter’s. Last time, we explored the ‘Eve Within’, this time – we contemplate the nature like fabric that makes up the sacredness of a woman’s interior longing. For the Creator has stamped within every woman, along the way of her life’s… Read More ›


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