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“The Christmas Story!” – (New Zealand Version)

December 17, 2014

“Anyone who will not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” (Mark 10:15) In the midst of all the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the Christmas Season, we must not forget to smile at the beauty of innocence and joy – the disposition of the Holy Family on that fateful… Read More ›

Side Altar of the Tree of Jesse, Burgos Catedral

“Entering Into The Advent Season” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

In this talk, Fr. Nathan explores the liturgical season of Advent. In it he explains why Advent is meant to prepare us for the two-fold arrival of Jesus Christ at Christmas, and His Second Coming in glory. This talk explores how the Early Church celebrated Advent and offers reflections on the four weeks of Advent. As an… Read More ›


“His Dominion is an Everlasting Dominion” – Talk by Fr. Jerome

During his three years of ministry, the KING of Kings was so excited about the Kingdom of Heaven being extended out to us by His loving Father as that which IS the best thing ever – that He gave his life – in order to set ablaze his subjects with a new, volatile type of enthusiasm concerning… Read More ›


“Encountering the Church Fathers, Part I: St. Ignatius of Antioch” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

In this talk (the first of a three part series), Fr. Nathan explores the life, teachings and martrydom of one of the first Fathers of the Church, St. Ignatius of Antioch. This talk will focus on his early life as a bishop, his 7 letters to the first Christian communities of Asia Minor and Rome… Read More ›


“Lectio Divina – The Capturing of the Heart” – Talk by Fr. Jerome

For over 1500 years, those who desire to have an intimate encounter with the Living Word of God have done so by means of Lectio Divina, known as ‘Divine Reading’. While reflecting upon this way of intimately encountering the Spirit of the Living God, St. John of the Cross was inspired to write: “Seek in… Read More ›


“Glamourizing Evil: The Dangers & A Catholic Response” – Talk by Fr. Cristino

With our culture’s favoured feast of Halloween only a few days behind us, it is appropriate to carefully consider a dynamic which is not the doing of Halloween but is frequently embodied by it. Evil being presented as good or innocent is a lethal injection into all times and places. It surrounds us constantly every… Read More ›


“Why Miracles?” – Talk by Fr. Cristino

As a follow-up to the talk, “What are Miracles?”, delivered to the home school students of the bi-annual Youth4Truth Conference, Fr. Cristino now explores the question,  “Why Miracles?” Why doesn’t God just make things work out well in the first place and so eliminate any need for miracles? Are there other benefits that flow from God’s… Read More ›

Father's Authority

“The Father’s Authority is the Treasure in the Field” – Talk by Fr. Jerome

This talk marks the first of a four part series retreat aimed at strengthening our understanding of Spiritual Truths that have been eroded through modern day societies fast pace culture. “The Father’s Authority is the Treasure in the Field”   PDF Version “The Father’s Authority is the Treasure in the Field” – Talk by Fr. Jerome from… Read More ›

Miracle of Allah Stone Standing in air

“What are Miracles?” – Talk by Fr. Cristino

We use the word ‘miracle’ pretty loosely to mean everything from a surprise to supernatural activity. But, what are miracles? Do they even exist? Can everything be explained away by science? How much hope should we place in miracles happening? These topics are addressed in this talk delivered to the home school students of the bi-annual… Read More ›


“The Touchdown, The Moment: SEIZE IT!” – A Special Presentation

“We’re told that on one occasion, Beethoven was overheard Screaming at The Top Of His Voice while slamming both of his fists on the keyboard: “I WILL TAKE LIFE BY THE THROAT!!!” That’s what a life looks like when someone has harnessed the power behind the urgency of now!” The following presentations are meant to stir… Read More ›


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