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Our Lady of Częstochowa – August 26th

August 25, 2015

“Our Lady of Jasna Góra is a teacher of beautiful love for everyone.” St. John Paul II I first heard of the Black Madonna icon 30 years ago – when I was on a concert tour of Poland.1 We had a day off between performances, and our hosts asked whether we would like to go… Read More ›


Our Lady of Calvary

Poland’s countryside is lush and beautiful in the spring. Its gentle, rolling hills are covered in green, and the trees and gardens are bursting with buds and colourful flowers. Just 35 kilometres southwest of the city of Kraków, a small town called Kalwaria Zebrzydowska lies nestled in a valley at the foot of the Carpathian… Read More ›


“But was that really Mary?” Apparitions of Mary – Part II

In Part I of this article, we defined what an apparition is, discussed some of the issues surrounding the proliferation of these kinds of reports, and talked about when and how Our Blessed Lady has appeared. But just because someone claims to have seen Our Lady, how can we be certain it was really Mary?… Read More ›


“Have you seen her?” Apparitions of Mary – Part I

The convent of the Daughters of Charity at Rue du Bac, 140 in Paris was darkened the night of July 18th, 1830, when suddenly one of the postulants was awakened by a child’s voice. “Sister, Sister, Sister Catherine!” the voice called. The young woman sat up, rubbed her eyes, and pushed aside the net curtain… Read More ›


Mary, Bride of the Holy Spirit

When the Holy Spirit, the Author of life, entered and filled Mary’s being, something almost unthinkable took place: Jesus was conceived and became flesh. Of course, the Holy Spirit had prepared her for this moment, but it was only by her consent that it came to be, that it was consummated: “For the first time… Read More ›


J.M.J. – The Feast of the Holy Family

In our home, we have a little olive wood carving of the Holy Family hanging near our front door. I walk by it all the time and scarcely give it a second glance most days. But a few days ago, something struck me about it. As in most depictions of the Holy Family, Jesus is… Read More ›

undoer of knots

Mary, Undoer of Knots

Have you ever had one of those situations where no matter how hard you tried, you weren’t able to fix it? I think we’ve all experienced this, likely many times. It’s the nature of living in a world where sin has taken hold. Sometimes, we say or do things that are selfish and hurtful –… Read More ›


Muslims and the Blessed Virgin Mary

While flipping through a book recently, I came across a chapter entitled, ‘Mary and the Moslems.’ As you can imagine, it caught my attention right away. The book, written in 1952 by the Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen, delves not only into various aspects of Mary’s life and the doctrines associated with her, but also examines… Read More ›


Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – August 15th

“Truly God is vulnerable in the world, because he is love and love is vulnerable. Yet he holds the future in his hands: It is love, not hatred, that triumphs; it is peace that is victorious in the end. This is the great consolation contained in the dogma of Mary’s assumption body and soul into… Read More ›


Our Lady of Carmel – July 16th

“Our Lady of Carmel” is the title bestowed on the Blessed Virgin Mary, patroness of the Carmelite order. Founded in the 12th century on Mount Carmel, the Carmelites still have their spiritual headquarters on the slopes of this mountain, overlooking the bustling city of Haifa and the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Why… Read More ›


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