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“Marriage and Family Life” – Talk by Bishop Henry

March 11, 2015

“The Great Adventure of marriage demands a bold, a strong, a holy love – and a spirit of unconditional abandonment which never looks back – but is always looking to the present and the future!” Bishop Henry “Marriage and Family Life”   “Marriage and Family Life” – Talk by Bishop Henry from Fr. Jerome Lavigne on Vimeo.


Thanks for the joy!

“I wanted to say a word to you and the word is ‘joy’. Wherever there are consecrated people, seminarians, men and women religious, young people, there is joy, there is always joy!” – Pope Francis The First Sunday of Advent – which fell on November 30th this past year – marked the beginning of the… Read More ›


Pope Francis – Message for Lent 2015

“Make your hearts firm” (James 5:8) Dear Brothers and Sisters, Lent is a time of renewal for the whole Church, for each community and every believer. Above all it is a “time of grace” (2 Cor 6:2). God does not ask of us anything that he himself has not first given us. “We love because he… Read More ›


“What is Your Anchor in Life?” – A Special Presentation

Sailing along into 2015, what sets our life’s bearings is where and in what we decide to anchor into. For our bearings will determine our final destination – and our bearings are set by means of the decisions we make regarding what we choose to anchor into… So the question for all of us at the dawn of… Read More ›


New Year’s Advice from Pope Francis

Have you ever wondered why the celebration of the New Year has become such an important tradition? Or when it was celebrated in the past? After doing a bit of digging, I was surprised to discover that the earliest New Year celebrations actually took place in Mesopotamia sometime around 2000 B.C. They were not held… Read More ›


Merry Christmas!

Urbi et Orbi Message of Pope Francis Thursday 25 December 2014 Dear Brothers and Sisters, Happy Christmas! Jesus, the Son of God, the Saviour of the world, is born for us, born in Bethlehem of a Virgin, fulfilling the ancient prophecies. The Virgin’s name is Mary, the wife of Joseph. Humble people, full of hope… Read More ›


“Advent Invites Us Home” – Talk by Fr. Jonathan Gibson

Hear for yourself an Anglican priest’s journey home to the One True Church. Now a Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Jonathan’s shares his inspiring and enlightening journey of Faith. “For years as an Anglican I had a feeling of dislocation and an experience of estrangement and confusion and I felt like a distant relative who didn’t really… Read More ›


“Seek, Find, Befriend, Love: An Advent Mission” – Fr. Cristino

With the season of Advent upon us, it is important that we take time to consider what is meant to take place within us during these four weeks. Simply waiting for Christmas isn’t enough. The virtues of Advent are a way of life. Perhaps the proposed formula for bringing them about in your life, found… Read More ›


Pornography: What Everyone Needs to Know (Part II)

“Pornography – What You Need to Know“ Last week, we defined pornography and discussed how prevalent it has become. We were reminded that the Catholic Church has always maintained that pornography is a grave offense. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops writes, “Viewing pornography is not only sinful in itself but can also become an… Read More ›


Pornography: A Harem of Imaginary Brides (Part I)

“Pornography-A Harem of Imaginary Brides (Part I)“ Shortly after I moved to Toronto in 1977, an uproar over the sale of pornographic magazines at mom-and-pop convenience stores in the west end of the city made headlines in local newspapers. Everyone knew that erotica was out there, but most people considered it sleazy. At that time,… Read More ›


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