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Queen Elizabeth II - 1953 - London - England - Peter Crawford

“Liegemen of Life and Limb” – Homily by Fr. Cristino

November 22, 2015

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (Jn. 18: 33b-37) “Liegemen of Life and Limb”    PDF Version


“Environmental Apocalypse or the Second Coming of Christ?” – Homily by Fr. Cristino

33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (Mk. 13: 24-32) “Environmental Apocalypse or the Second Coming of Christ?”  PDF Version


“I’m All In” – Homily by Fr. Cristino

32 Sunday of Ordinary Time (Mk. 12: 38-44) “I’m all In”  PDF Version

All Saints School Picture

“Can Catholic Schools Make Saints?” – Homily by Fr. Cristino

Solemnity of All Saints & Catholic Education Sunday “Can Catholic Schools Make Saints?”  PDF Version


“Losing Your Vision” – Homily by Fr. Cristino

30th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Mk. 10: 46-52) “Losing Your Vision”  PDF Version

Pope Benedict XVI signs a copy of his encyclical, "Caritas in Veritate" ("Charity in Truth"), at the Vatican July 6. The pope's social encyclical, released July 7, addresses the global economic crisis. (CNS photo/L'Osservatore Romano via Reuters) (July 7, 2009) See CHARITY-ENCYCLICAL (UPDATED) July 7, 2009.

“What Can YOU Do for the Lord?” – Homily by Fr. Cristino

29th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Mk. 10: 35-45) “What Can YOU Do for the Lord?”  PDF Version


“Sad & Mad or Glad?” – Homily by Fr. Cristino

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Mk. 10: 17-27) “Sad & Mad or Glad?”  PDF Version


“Marriage According to its Maker” – Homily by Fr. Cristino

27th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Gen. 2: 7ab, 15, 18-24 & Mk. 10: 2-16) “Marriage According to its Maker”  PDF Version


“Would That All The Lord’s People Were Prophets!” – Homily by Fr. Cristino

26th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Nm. 11: 25-29 & Mk. 9: 38-43, 45, 47-48) Would That All The Lord’s People Were Prophets!  PDF Version

The Incredibles - Inspiration

“The Greatness of a Child” – Homily by Fr. Cristino

25th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Mk. 9: 30-37) “The Greatness of a Child”  PDF Version


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