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Oscar Romero

Remembering Óscar Romero

April 23, 2015 • Living in Truth

On Monday, March 24, 1980 Óscar Romero, the archbishop of San Salvador, was saying Mass in the chapel of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters of St. Therese. The building was adjacent to “La Divina Providencia,” the nursing hospital where the Carmelite Sisters provided care for poor cancer patients undergoing treatment at the Instituto del Cáncer (Cancer… Read More ›

Fit for the Kingdom »

Part 5 “Cool-Down: Living the Life of Grace – Staying on Track” – Talk by Sharon van der Sloot


As we come to the final instalment of our ‘Ladies Spiritual Retreat Series’ focused on our ‘Being Fit for the Kingdom’, Sharon reminds us that “we are all “works” in progress. We’re not who we were yesterday, and we’re not yet who we’ll be tomorrow. We must place our trust in God, knowing that He wouldn’t… Read More ›

Words of Truth »

“Manly Men of God” – Talk by Fr. Cristino


There are forces contrary to true manliness and true Christ-likeness coming at us from every angle, ever day. We live in a time when being a virtuous man of God is a constant battle. And yet, ingrained within us is a desire for the greatness which destines us for Heaven. So how are we to… Read More ›

Straight From the Pew »

7 Sneaky Ways to Evangelize


If there’s one word that strikes fear into the hearts of Catholics, it’s this: evangelization. (And if not “fear,” it’s at least good for a little eye rolling.) For the idea of knocking on doors, handing out pamphlets, and discussing our faith with total strangers is both intimidating and unappealing to most of us –… Read More ›


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