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A Layperson’s Guide to the Synod on the Family

September 23, 2014 • Living in Truth

Last October, the Vatican announced that an extraordinary session of the Synod of Bishops would be held this year from October 5th to 19th. Its theme is entitled, “Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization.” It’s a topic that immediately generated a lot of interest among Catholics as well as non-Catholics. The… Read More ›

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“The Father’s Authority is the Treasure in the Field” – Talk by Fr. Jerome

Father's Authority

This talk marks the first of a four part series retreat aimed at strengthening our understanding of Spiritual Truths that have been eroded through modern day societies fast pace culture. “The Father’s Authority is the Treasure in the Field”   PDF Version “The Father’s Authority is the Treasure in the Field” – Talk by Fr. Jerome from… Read More ›

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“What are Miracles?” – Talk by Fr. Cristino

Miracle of Allah Stone Standing in air

We use the word ‘miracle’ pretty loosely to mean everything from a surprise to supernatural activity. But, what are miracles? Do they even exist? Can everything be explained away by science? How much hope should we place in miracles happening? These topics are addressed in this talk delivered to the home school students of the bi-annual… Read More ›

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What Animals Can Teach Us About Being Human


If you knew my family’s history with pets, you might wonder if I’m the best person to write an article about the role and value of pets in our lives. We don’t have a dog, my husband is highly allergic to cats, and our only pet at the moment is a Chinese fighting fish by… Read More ›


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