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Picture of the Ebola virus under an electron microscope
PHOTO: CDC/Frederick Murphy

Coming to Grips with Ebola: A Reason for Hope

October 23, 2014 • Living in Truth

I first heard of the Ebola virus about 20 years ago when I read Richard Preston’s book, The Hot Zone. It’s the kind of non-fiction book that grabs your attention and reads like a thriller. It’s hard to put down. The ‘King of Horror’ himself, author Stephen King described it in the following words: “The… Read More ›

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“Warm Up: Making a Commitment to Spiritual Fitness” – Talk by Sharon van der Sloot


This talk is the first of a five-part retreat on the theme, “Fit for the Kingdom.” In it, we take a look at what it means to be ready for eternity – why we would want to become holy and how we can be better friends with God. “Warm Up: Making a Commitment to Spiritual Fitness” … Read More ›

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“Why Miracles?” – Talk by Fr. Cristino


As a follow-up to the talk, “What are Miracles?”, delivered to the home school students of the bi-annual Youth4Truth Conference, Fr. Cristino now explores the question,  “Why Miracles?” Why doesn’t God just make things work out well in the first place and so eliminate any need for miracles? Are there other benefits that flow from God’s… Read More ›

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What Animals Can Teach Us About Being Human


If you knew my family’s history with pets, you might wonder if I’m the best person to write an article about the role and value of pets in our lives. We don’t have a dog, my husband is highly allergic to cats, and our only pet at the moment is a Chinese fighting fish by… Read More ›


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