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Pornography: A Harem of Imaginary Brides (Part I)

November 18, 2014 • Living in Truth

“Pornography-A Harem of Imaginary Brides (Part I)“ Shortly after I moved to Toronto in 1977, an uproar over the sale of pornographic magazines at mom-and-pop convenience stores in the west end of the city made headlines in local newspapers. Everyone knew that erotica was out there, but most people considered it sleazy. At that time,… Read More ›

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“Lectio Divina – The Capturing of the Heart” – Talk by Fr. Jerome


For over 1500 years, those who desire to have an intimate encounter with the Living Word of God have done so by means of Lectio Divina, known as ‘Divine Reading’. While reflecting upon this way of intimately encountering the Spirit of the Living God, St. John of the Cross was inspired to write: “Seek in… Read More ›

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“Encountering the Church Fathers, Part I: St. Ignatius of Antioch” – Talk by Fr. Nathan


In this talk (the first of a three part series), Fr. Nathan explores the life, teachings and martrydom of one of the first Fathers of the Church, St. Ignatius of Antioch. This talk will focus on his early life as a bishop, his 7 letters to the first Christian communities of Asia Minor and Rome… Read More ›

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When Two Become One: Living God’s Plan for Marriage


Growing up, one of my favorite games was The Game of Life. I loved getting my little car and filling it up with my husband and children, all the while making decisions about education, careers, houses, and the like. I guess it was so engaging because this is how I imagined my real life would… Read More ›


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