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“Mary and the Eucharist” – Talk by Fr. Nathan

July 28, 2015 • Living in Truth

Mary desires only to direct our gaze to Jesus Christ, it makes sense that she does not desire to be the focal point of our Eucharistic faith but instead disappear and point us to her Son. In this fourth talk on Eucharistic Miracles, Fr. Nathan opens our hearts and minds to the wonder of Our… Read More ›

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Life is Always an Option

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.22.00 PM

The debate about abortion has been brought to the forefront of our consciousness with the recent allegations about Planned Parenthood selling the organs of aborted babies. Here is a reminder that Life is always an option. a video from RealLifeCatholic.com *This is not a graphic video

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“Forgiveness and Reconciliation with God is not a Feeling” – Talk by Fr. Jerome


It has to be the Greatest Pitfall of all time. The idea that we must wait until we “feel better” about a person or situation before we believe that we have obtained and or reach that point where true forgiveness happens. Jesus Christ suspended between heaven and earth from piercing nails on the cross teaches us… Read More ›

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Parenthood: Lessons in Diplomacy from the Cold War


On a long car trip recently, I was listening to a book on the life of Saint John Paul II called The End and the Beginning.1 In it, the author describes the Pope’s role in helping to bring down communism and dismantle the Soviet Union. Because I was just a kid in 1978 when Karol Wojtyla was… Read More ›


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