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In Search of Divine Mercy

March 31, 2015 • Living in Truth

In 1935, shortly before the outbreak of World War II, a young Polish nun – who we now know as St. Maria Faustina – received a vision of an angel from God. She described the angel as an “executor of divine wrath”1 who had been sent to strike the earth. St. Maria Faustina began to… Read More ›

Fit for the Kingdom »

Part 5 “Cool-Down: Living the Life of Grace – Staying on Track” – Talk by Sharon van der Sloot


As we come to the final instalment of our ‘Ladies Spiritual Retreat Series’ focused on our ‘Being Fit for the Kingdom’, Sharon reminds us that “we are all “works” in progress. We’re not who we were yesterday, and we’re not yet who we’ll be tomorrow. We must place our trust in God, knowing that He wouldn’t… Read More ›

Words of Truth »

“Manly Men of God” – Talk by Fr. Cristino


There are forces contrary to true manliness and true Christ-likeness coming at us from every angle, ever day. We live in a time when being a virtuous man of God is a constant battle. And yet, ingrained within us is a desire for the greatness which destines us for Heaven. So how are we to… Read More ›

Straight From the Pew »

The Easter Vigil for Beginners


The first Easter Vigil I ever attended was in 1986 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in College Station, Texas. That year, a dozen or so men and women entered into full communion with the Church, and thanks be to God, I was one of them. Though I’d spent nearly a year in RCIA1 – in… Read More ›


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